Experience is the fundamental teacher

Experience is above all. Knowledge and experience together makes everything just close to perfect.

I usually share what I know and experienced till date. I am a software programmer and love to do things in Java, PHP and anything that requires good algorithmic approach. My programming adventure started in 2001 using C, C++(editor used was Turbo C and Turbo C++, as well as simply vim editor, when studying in IIT Guwahati) and finally took a break at Java. since 2004, Java has become my favourite.

Java has not as big history as other programming languages do, but it provides all functionalities a language is supposed to have. The best thing is, it is purely Object Oriented. In my five years of experience with this Language, I am too sure that many things are yet not known to me. Day by day library addition and regular huge enhancements has made it as comprehensive as an encyclopaedia.